Trivedi Effect – A New Preventative Healthcare Model

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The entire Universe and its varied life forms start from energy which originates from a divine source. This energy is a fundamental life force which is effective beyond what imagination can recognize. This energy connects us to ourselves and to others in a seamless fashion. Our intelligence, actions, physical, emotional, sexual & social health are all dependent on this life force. Thus this life force can bring to us limitless ability & happiness if we can harness this universal energy of creation.

The Trivedi effect is a unique phenomenon, which has the ability to harness this life force and transmit this energy to other humans with profound effects. It has the potential to raise the consciousness of those who receive it, and connects them strongly to the force of the universe. When this connection is strengthened the individual consciousness is elevated and the potential that lies inside each individual is enhanced and maximized. It has shown profound positive effects on wellness in human beings who have received it. It provides customized therapy for its recipients in a way that we are now beginning to understand.

To learn more about the Trivedi Effect and its full potential, more than 4000 experiments were conducted at scientific laboratories across the globe by independent investigators. Well controlled Experiments based on human physiology and pathology were conducted to examine the impact of the Trivedi Effect on human health.

Conventional medicine systems well recognize the fact that a combination of reduced immunity, chronic inflammation and accelerated cellular aging is the fundamental basis of most diseases. Additionally chronic stress leads to a host of diseases including those of the heart, brain , gut, lungs and other vital organs. This is further compounded by frequently observed poor bioavailability of nutrients and inadequate detoxification at the level of tissues. While Modern medicine addresses the manifestations of physical illness, the fundamental causes of the diseases remain unaddressed.

The data generated showed that it improves key elements of physical and psychological health at cellular & molecular level. Cutting edge in vitro and in vivo models were applied to measure these discrete subcellular changes. It was observed that it reduces chronic inflammation and associated pain by reducing specific pro-inflammatory cytokine mediators in the body. The Trivedi Eeffect also strengthens the immune system by enhancement of innate immunity through the activation of key mechanisms such as the NK (Natural killer) cells and phagocytosis. It reduces the oxidative stress in the body leading to better functional health of vital organs, such as heart, liver, lung and gut. It improves the energy metabolism in the body leading to enhanced endurance, stamina & libido.

The studies on brain physiology also showed major changes in response to the Trivedi Effect. It improves memory & neuronal communication by changes in key neurotransmitters. This in turn leads to higher productivity in recipients and improved interpersonal communication. It also lowers anxiety and stress through changes in stress hormones which in turn leads to an enhanced state of calmness. Most of these fundamental processes are impacted in such a way that the overall physical, emotional, psychological & sexual health in recipients is restored or enhanced significantly.

These findings on profound effects on physical and mental health prompted investigations on human aging and longevity. The Trivedi Effect alters key mechanisms implicated in cellular ageing such as telomerase enzyme and has showed the potential to delay cellular aging processes. Further, it was also found to activate stem cells and enhance cell regeneration. Studies are under progress to further understand this rare energy phenomenon and its applications for improving human health and wellness.

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  • phani yiangou

    Excellent way to stay healthy always, with science to prove the all round health benefits. Thankyou for opening our eyes to new knowledge.

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